MEA Charitable Foundation Does It Again!

The MEA Charitable Foundation mission is to positively influence the local community and to impart real impact on the organizations that provide services to the people of the Mat-Su Valley and in our case, they certainly have!

Valley Residential Services (VRS) is a non-profit, low-income housing provider and offers housing to people experiencing physical, mental, developmental, and behavioral challenges, people of low to very low income, and people of advanced age. In these times of economic struggles where VRS’s profit margin is thin to non-existent our office was challenged to replace our 13-year-old, well beyond a service repair contract date, copy machine. Discretionary funds, unfortunately, for such a unit were not readily available. Enter the MEA Charitable Foundation who saw our need and generously provided the funds for us to purchase a new copier. Powered by the Operation Roundup Program, this is the program where MEA members have their monthly bill rounded up to the nearest dollar, and those contributions are provided as grants to community organizations.

More than 60% of MEA co-op members participate in the Operation Roundup program, and the charitable foundation issues more than $125,000 in grants annually to local organizations such as Valley Residential Services. Since 2011, The Foundation has been able to invest over $2.4 million dollars back into the community! Valley Residential Services sincerely thanks the MEA Charitable Foundation for their support and truly thanks all the MEA members who participate in the Operation Roundup Program. This is a program that works and makes a real difference in our community.